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The Neuro 7 is a state of the art instrument for the 21st century practitioner. The device is comprised of the seven most common instruments used for a neurological exam. The device includes, Taylor/Buck reflex hammer, light source for pupil reactivity, edge for plantar stimulation, sharp/dull instrument, brush for light touch sensitivity, wartenberg (pinwheel) wheel, and variable two point discriminator. Additional supporting tools include a monofilament for diabetic foot screening, pupillary size chart, metric ruler and gross angle gage.Each NEURO 7 Product #701 will include the following:  1 - Neuro 7 instrument   2 - Extra Disposable Pinwheels     ;       2 - Extra Disposable Sharp Tips  1 - Instruction Sheet -   Describes the use of the Neuro 7.  10 – replacement monofilamentsWhat area of medicine do you practice?

Item # 701 Neuro 7 Medical Instrument

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