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Quantity per Pack: 50 disposable sharp tips - 20 pinwheels - Vial of 50 10 gram 4.5 cm long Monofilaments.
The Neuro 7 Disposables Combo Pack is the practitioners answer to Blood Bourne Pathogens (BBP) Standards in most clinical settings. Each pack contains the following; 50 disposable sharp tips, 20 disposable pinwheels, and a vial of 50 disposable monofilaments. These items were designed for the Neuro 7 to prevent BBP exposures while performing a complete neurological exam. The disposable sharp tip slips onto the end of the stainless sharp tip and then slips off when the tool is retracted. Pinwheels are replaced by sliding off the battery door and removing the wheel and exchanging it for a new one. Monofilaments are easily inserted into the tapered hole located on the head of the pocket clip and then pulled out for disposal.

Item # 702 Disposables Combo Pack

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