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Neuro 7 for Today's Discerning Practitioner

Actual size: 5.6" x 1x5" x .6", weight: 2.6 oz

Neurosensory Exams, Simple, Accurate and Efficient

The Neuro 7 is a precision, hand-held instrument which includes the seven essential tools that medical practitioners need to perform an accurate and high quality neurosensory exam. Neuro 7 combines convenience and accuracy for the busy practitioner. With all of the tools retracted, the Neuro 7 can be clipped into one's scrubs, shirt, white coat pocket or in specially designed Neuro 7 Holster. The Neuro 7 is designed specifically for medical professionals worldwide that desire a more efficient and accurate way to perform a neurosensory exam.

The Neuro 7 was developed by a physician eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments. With the Neuro 7 a 21th Century medical professional can do a first-rate neurosensory exam using one instrument that fits in a pocket. It has been crafted into an ergonomic design with incomparable functionality. The Neuro 7 is made of stainless steel and durable polycarbonate to permit years of tough use. The instrument comes complete with a pupillary size chart, metric ruler, and gross angle measurement scale designed into the device. The individual retractable tools are designed to be cleaned with simple alcohol wipes. Medical professionals can rest assured that the disposable pinwheels, sharp tips and monofilaments comply with Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s blood borne pathogen guidelines.

Thank you for visiting Booth 769 at the APTA 2016! We enjoyed meeting everyone & showing you the Neuro 7 Medical Instrument. The "Swiss army knife" of neurosensory exams.


"The Neuro 7 is one of the must have items in my coat when I enter an exam room. I share exam rooms with other members of our staff and knowing that I have my Neuro 7, I don't have to go looking for a reflex hammer or waste time with a paper clip to use for sharp/dull exam. We have our share of diabetic patients and the Neuro 7 is a must tool for these patients. Thank you for developing this great instrument."

Antonia Lopez, Internal Medicine PA-C MMS, La Mesa, CA

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